Why Split Shank Wedding Rings Are Taking Over In 2023

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Why Split Shank Wedding Rings are Taking Over in 2023

In the world of wedding rings, split shank designs are gaining in popularity. Couples seeking to express their unique love story often opt for this style of wedding ring, which features a split or two-strand shank. This type of wedding ring is often chosen for its ability to express the couple’s bond and commitment to one another.

What is a Split Shank Wedding Ring?

A split shank wedding ring is a type of ring that has two strands of metal that come together at the top of the ring, forming a split. This split can be in the center of the ring or off to one side, depending on the design. The two strands of metal can be the same or different metals, and can also be set with diamonds, gemstones, or other accents.

The Appeal of Split Shank Wedding Rings

The appeal of split shank wedding rings lies in their ability to express the couple’s bond and commitment. The two strands of the shank represent the two lives that are coming together in marriage, while the split in the middle represents the union of the two. The split also allows for more intricate designs and the ability to add multiple stones or accents, which can further express the couple’s unique love story.

How to Choose the Perfect Split Shank Wedding Ring

When choosing a split shank wedding ring, it is important to consider the metal and any stones or accents you may want to include. Many couples opt for gold, silver, or platinum as the metal of choice, while others may opt for a combination of metals. The stones or accents you choose should reflect your individual style and personality and be something that you both love. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the ring fits correctly to ensure comfort and longevity.


Split shank wedding rings are a beautiful way to express your unique love story and commitment to one another. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect one to symbolize your union. As 2023 progresses, split shank wedding rings are sure to remain a popular choice for couples seeking to make a lasting statement.

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